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Datalogic is pleased to inform the availability of their newest single plane scanners, the Magellan 3410VSi and 3510HSI. These products have been released in order to meet the market need for entry-level single plane scanning, taking the place of the Magellan 3200VSi and 3300HSi products. The Magellan 3410VSi and 3510HSI both offer high-performance imaging, with the Magellan 3410VSi providing compact size, while the Magellan 3510HSI offers a larger scanning area. These products are sure to meet the needs of those looking for an entry-level single plane scanner.

The new M3410VSi and M3510HSi share the same physical form factor and optical design as the premium single plane scanners Magellan 3450VSi/3550HSi, and they offer a large reading area and outstanding sweep performance. Even for new users, scanning is simple and straightforward because of this. The new 3410VSi and 3510HSi are simple to integrate into existing installations as they are the same size as high-end scanners and utilize the same mounts, power supply, and cables. The high-end devices’ steady, comfortable illumination is also carried over to the 3410VSi and 3510HSi, allowing for the effortless reading of 1D and 2D bar codes from printed or mobile sources.

The Magellan 3410VSi and 3510HSi scanners may now be powered by a single 5V USB connection thanks to a redesigned electronics platform, making it quick and easy to incorporate into any POS system. The Magellan 3410VSi and 3510HSi may power an attached hand-held scanner for bottom-of-basket scanning or a Customer Service Scanner for loyalty cards, coupons, and other items with an optional power supply or 12V connector.

The Magellan 3410VSi and 3510HSi offer powerful scanning capability in an easy-to-integrate form factor by combining the optical and illumination properties of high-end single plane scanners with the electronics of the Magellan 1500i. If you’re interested in learning more about how they can benefit your business, please contact us today.

The Magellan 3410VSi and 3510HSi: Make Your Front-End Operation More Effective

A retail store’s entrance can be a bustling area. Stress for a cashier is worsened by children screaming, many checkouts’ lanes beeping, products being thrown into carts, and creaking conveyor belts. The Magellan 3410VSi and 3510HSi combine scanning performance, usability, and time-saving capabilities to support more effective and efficient front-end operation.

Scanning Performance/Ease of Use

A high-performance sensor and unique optics are used by the Magellan 3410VSi and 3510HSi to create a wide reading area. This makes scanning a range of products quickly simple and easy. On a range of 1D and 2D labels, including difficult-to-read, shortened, and damaged codes, the potent decoding algorithms deliver remarkable performance.

Soft red adaptive lighting is used to achieve a wide field of vision and sweep performance. The scanning area is continuously illuminated by unobtrusive near-infrared LEDs, and object detection technology detects when an object enters the field of vision. When more light is required to swiftly decipher the label, it is automatically added. This lighting system prevents flickering and reduces reflection, which can irritate operators and prevent all-day productivity.

The throughput and operator convenience in a busy front end depends on knowing precisely when each item is scanned. The 3410VSi and 3510HSi make it simple to make sure that each item is scanned thanks to their highly visible good-read indication and loud beeper.


For simple integration of a Datalogic hand-held scanner or the optional Customer Service Scanner (CSS) for customer-side e-commerce and couponing, the Magellan 3410VSi and 3510HSi offer a USB auxiliary connector. Large items in the bottom of the basket may be read easily without having to lift them over the checkstand thanks to an attached hand-held scanner.

Customers have a comfortable and welcoming experience because to the CSS’s intuitive scan zone and Datalogic’s “Green Spot” good-read technology, which enables them to scan their loyalty card from their smartphone while the cashier scans items. This scanner can be installed almost anywhere on the checkout due to its small size and adaptable mounting bracket. The possibility of transmitting germs or possibly losing the customer’s phone is decreased and there is one less item for the cashier to clean in between customers if mobile phones and loyalty cards aren’t handed to the cashier.


Retail Point of sale for convenience, drug, DIY, specialty
Healthcare Pharmacy: drug verification, point of sale
Healthcare Hospital: admission, lab, pharmacy
Manufacturing Hands-free component verification in light manufacturing
Commercial Services Postal, bank, administration, utilities


Primary Differences Between The 3410/3510 And 3450/3550 Scanners:

The 3450VSi scanner has a higher performance processor for additions and options, including better performance for Digimarc® barcode decoding. Both models feature cutting edge software and the computing power necessary for high speed imaging. Both scanners work well on common retail 1D and 2D symbologies, however clients who want to “futureproof” their front end would be wise to use the faster CPU of the Magellan 3450VSi.

Product Feature Summary

If you’re in the market for a new scanner, be sure to check out the Magellan 3410VSi and 3510HSi. These scanners offer powerful scanning capability in an easy-to-integrate form factor by combining the optical and illumination properties of high-end single plane scanners with the electronics of the Magellan 1500i. Plus, they’re backed by our industry-leading warranty, so you can be confident that your investment will last. Contact us today to learn more about these scanners or to place an order.


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