PowerScan 9600 Auto Range series – QR Code Scanner

Datalogic is pleased to announce the availability of the new PowerScan 9600 Auto Range series. The best-in-class ultra-rugged handheld industrial scanner series is now empowered with the new 1D/2D Auto Range series with extra long-range capabilities developed by Datalogic, targeting mainly applications in warehouses where the operator can scan a picklist or a pallet at very short scanning distances up to very far barcodes located on the highest racks with the same device. The PowerScan 9600 Auto Range series will address extended-range scanning operations while providing the following benefits:

  • Increase the throughput and overall efficiency with best-in-class scanning performances and a reduced total solution cost
  • Improving business’s daily operations and productivity with a super-reliable device
  • A stable radio communication and error-free operations offering total freedom to move around wide shop floors and large warehouses
  • Extreme flexibility and modularity for the largest application coverage and optimized asset management
  • The ability to monitor battery status and scanner health to allow predictive maintenance

The new series will be available in a full suite of products to provide the best solution for different necessities:

  • Corded desk models (PD9600 AR)
  • Cordless models with Datalogic’s STAR 433 MHz Cordless System™ 2.0 proprietary radio (PM9600 AR) and full keypad/display options
  • Cordless Bluetooth® 5.0 models (PBT9600AR)

The PowerScan 9600 Auto Range series inherits the plug-and-play architecture of the PowerScan 9600 family making it easily configurable between Serial, USB, Ethernet, Ethernet I/P, or PROFINET while protecting customer’s investment in case of future changes to the communication setup.

Datalogic’s Wireless Charging System, based on inductive charging technology, removes a key point of failure due to dirty or corroded charging pins making the PowerScan 9600 AR the most reliable series of devices to withstand tough environments like warehouses.


Transportation & Logistics Distribution Center, Logistics Receiving/Picking
Order Fulfillment
Factory Automation
Packaging, General
Work in Progress (WIP)
and Traceability
Retail Non-Food/Food Warehousing
Cold storage
Material Handling


Extended field of view: the scanner can operate from almost contact reading to a scanning distance of more than 20m/ 65 ft It will be simple for the operator to go from a close-up barcode to a barcode at the top of a warehouse rack with the same device
Exceptional performance even at very tilted angles, with a very fast autofocus system for near/far scanning. 20% faster near/far scanning capabilities even at very tilted angles guarantee higher worker productivity. Press and aim system, for more precise aiming of a code before scanning. Even when sitting in a forklift the operator will have the ability to scan through the forklift glass for optimized working efficiency.
Multi-code and Pick-mode Features Optimization of data capture in case of multiple codes on the same parcel, as well as the ability to decode only the desired code in a pick list.
New ultra-robust design and top-class sealing rate. The new PowerScan 9600 is designed to resist more than 50 drops at 2.5 m / 8.2 ft and is sealed to IP67 and IP65.

The only device in its category with a trigger tested to resist 10 million hits.

Reliable IT equipment improves a business’s daily operations and productivity and guarantees reliable
long-term operations while protecting the end users’ investment.
Inductive, contactless charging technology Battery contacts and pins often get dirty, bent, or broken over time. Wireless charging technology removes a key point of failure in Industrial and Retail functions.
Center of gravity design. The new scanner has a well-balanced weight reducing fatigue to the operator’s wrist. The non-slip handle allows a secure grip and no interruptions for accidental slipping.
Modular cradle design also allows interface extension. The new modular concept of the cradle will allow the extension of communication interfaces like Ethernet and Industrial Ethernet. The base station without the interface plug-in and the communication modules are available separately to allow partners and distributors stock optimization.


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