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Datalogic, a leading provider of barcode scanners, has announced the availability of its new PowerScan 9600 Series. The new handheld barcode scanner is available with three different optics to suit different needs.

The Standard Range optic is ideal for applications requiring standard barcode reading at intuitive distances, such as Manufacturing, Warehouse, and Retail DIY store applications.

The High-Performance Optic increases the depth of field on normal 1D/2D codes and adds the ability to decode high density codes.

The Document Capture model addresses document capture applications with a wide angle reading to scan big codes and a color sensor for image capture. With its advanced feature set and rugged design, the PowerScan 9600 Series is a versatile solution for a variety of applications.

The PowerScan 9600 Series: The Total Package

Businesses are looking for ways to improve their daily operations and productivity, but often lack the reliable tools to do so.

Many businesses rely on outdated technology or devices that just can’t keep up with today’s high standards. This leads to a decreased throughput and overall inefficiency.

The PowerScan 9600 Series is the answer. Datalogic’s PowerScan 9600 Series is a reliable and super-fast handheld barcode scanner designed to improve a business’s daily operations and productivity. The bi directional communication and error-free operation with prompt feedback on the display is amazing.

The PowerScan 9600 Series offers the largest application coverage and optimized asset management. The radiocommunication allows the device to be used in the largest warehouse environments. Predictive maintenance is also possible with the ability to monitor battery status and scanner health. Datalogic has once again delivered a top-of-the-line product that is sure to revolutionize the way businesses operate.

The new series will be available in a full suite of products to provide the best solution for different necessities:

  • Corded desk models (PD9600)
  • Cordless models with Datalogic’s STAR Cordless System™ 2.0 proprietary radio (PM9600)

The Datalogic proprietary STAR Radio remains the preferred option for cordless systems, both in terms of superior value and in terms of product availability. 

Overview of The Main Features:


New ultra-robust design, protected from immersion in water. The investment is protected by wireless charging, which reduces the TCO by 15%. Reduced by 50% the annual maintenance fee/scanner. This durable scanner that is perfect for intense scanning operations. With a 10 million hits trigger, it guarantees a full life cycle resistance of the most stressed part, making it a great choice for businesses that rely on scanners for their daily operations.


The embedded fieldbus ensures simple setup and eliminates the requirement for third-party devices, reducing any potential danger of system weaknesses. Through the use of a single, inexpensive connection, fieldbus communication systems enable users to connect and keep track of a variety of devices, including sensors, programmable controllers, electronic drives, scanners, computers, etc.

The PowerScan 9600 Series has a modular cradle that can be enhanced to support additional communication standards. The interface plug-in can be used as an accessory with corded scanners. Having a device natively supporting the industrial fieldbus guarantees the easiest set-up and a reliable communication.

The modular architecture enables for interface extension for both wired and wireless versions, as well as asset optimization.

The PowerScan 9600 Series is a versatile and future-proof scanning solution that can be adapted to changing communication needs. By simply swapping out the interface plug-in, the cradle can be updated to support new interfaces such as Ethernet. This allows you to maintain your initial investment and avoid having to purchase new cradles. The PowerScan 9600 Series is perfect for businesses that need a reliable and adaptable scanning solution.


This system offers quadrupled radio range and doesn’t require an extra antenna, making it ideal for a wide variety of applications. When compared to Bluetooth, Datalogic’s STAR Cordless Systems can connect up to 16 scanners to a single cradle. Plus, with the new high contrast display, you’ll have no trouble seeing what you’re scanning.

And for added convenience, the PowerScan 9600 Series is also available with a double keypad. The double keypad option gives the operator simple input actions they can use for data scrolling during inventory or manual input for code quantity or code position.

Users can also obtain quick feedback on the scanned item via bidirectional radio transmission and display, minimizing the possibility of errors.


Factory Automation,
Electronics, Food,
General Manufacturing
Automotive Work in Progress (WIP)
and Traceability
Electronics Component tracking
Component / Part Traceability
Distribution Center
Order Fulfillment
Retail Home Improvement,
Self Check – out
Access Control




New ultra-robust design and top-class sealing rate. The new PowerScan 9600 Series is designed to resist more than 50 drops at 2.5 m / 8.2 ft and is sealed to IP67 and IP65. Only device in its category with a trigger tested to resist 10 million hits.

Reliable IT equipment improves a business’s daily operations and productivity and guarantees reliable long-term operations while protecting the end users’ investment.

Center of gravity design.

The new scanner has a well-balanced weight reducing
fatigue to the operator’s wrist.
The non-slip handle allows a secure grip and no interruptions for accidental slipping.

Unrivaled reading performances on 1D/2D, Postal Codes, OCR, Dotcodes, and Digimarc.

20% faster scanning guarantees higher worker productivity.

Modular cradle design also allows interface extension to corded devices.

The new modular concept of the cradle split the base station functionality in battery charging and communication. The communication module can be used as an accessory for cradle and also for the wired scanner, allowing extension of communication interfaces like Ethernet and industrial Ethernet. The base station without the interface plug-in and thecommunication modules are available separately to allow partners and distributors stock optimization.

Fieldbus natively supported

USB and RS-232 Multi-interface, Ethernet and Industrial Ethernet natively supported. Easy system integration.

Inductive, contactless charging technology

Battery contacts and pins often get dirty, bent, or broken over time. Wireless charging technology removes a key point of failure in Industrial and Retail functions.

Designed for mobility

The Datalogic STAR radio is a narrow band two-way radio that allows no interference with existing systems like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The dedicated frequency secures a stable communication with the host,
without any interruption of daily activities

Radio Range
High/Low speed to optimize TX Speed/Range

The new antenna design allows the user to reach twice the radio range with respect to the existing PowerScan 9500 series, with the benefits of better mobility for the operator. Additionally, an internal antenna minimizes the footprint with the ability to install cradles in positions with space constraints.

New encryption helps protect private information

The new encryption feature for PM9600 systems allows data security to protect customers privacy and sensitive data.

Smart batteries and diagnostics

Smart batteries maximize charge efficiency and battery usage. Advanced diagnostics increase safety and lower operating costs.

New OLED display with selectable dark on white or white on dark backgrounds for better visibility

Immediate check of battery level, radio coverage, scanned items. No risk of mistakes for wrong items, increasing productivity.

4-Key or 16-key keypad options

Easy operation like code quantity, shelf location. Immediate monitoring of battery status.Visualization of messages from the host for fast feedbacks. Standard Datalogic keyboard layout for fast transition from previous generations

Specific DC models to capture color images and signatures.

The Document Capture model is perfect for applications requiring not only 1D and 2D omnidirectional scanning but also the ability to capture images and signatures offering a unique feature for this product segment.
Customers will save the extra cost of a higher category like a PDA.

The new Aladdin 3.0 configurator also supports video and image capture.

Fast setup, also on the web tool, Aladdin 3.0 enables customers to configure their devices with just a single scan.

Modular adjustable battery charger, from two to ten slots

The new multi-battery charger embeds the modular and flexible concept of the PowerScan 9600 family. The user can create their own multi-slot charger adding add-ons to the master charger, using the same power supply.

 The PowerScan 9600 Series is the perfect tool for businesses who need a scanner that can do it all. With its best-in-class performance and flexible approach, the PowerScan 9600 Series is sure to meet the needs of any business. If you’re looking for a handheld barcode scanner that can handle even the most strenuous jobs, contact us today to learn more about the PowerScan 9600 Series


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