QuickScan™ 2500



The QuickScan QD2500 imager is Datalogic’s entry-level 2D corded handheld barcode scanner, designed for general purpose applications. The QuickScan QD2500 is a dependable companion at the POS checkout, able to capture data and operate non-stop. The QuickScan QD2500 is highly aware of the value of timely readings, and it effortlessly scans through plexiglass barriers and mobile device displays at an incredibly low cost. The QuickScan QD2500 is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable and reliable 2D handheld barcode scanner.

Get the QuickScan QD2500 for Superior Performance

In terms of features, the QuickScan QD2500 handheld barcode scanner excels right out of the box. For all of your applications, the 1 MP optics offer best-in-class scanning and depth of field. As it is omnidirectional, there is no need to be concerned about scanning orientation. It will easily manage deals and coupons by reading codes displayed on smartphone screens.

Datalogic’s ‘Green Spot’ technology then confirms the good read, perfectly centered on the barcode and between the two triangles, serve as the imager’s visible pointing system, which offers complete guidance with high precision. The soft red illumination lowers fatigue on the operator’s eyes. Overall, this barcode scanner is a great choice for those who need precision and efficiency.

The QuickScan QD2500 has Datalogic’s patented MotionixTM motion-sensing technology, which detects the change immediately whenever the operator has to switch the scanner into the presentation scanning mode.

Get the versatility you need with the QuickScan QD2500

Retail applications are where the QuickScan QD2500 handheld barcode scanner is most commonly used. However, this reader’s wide range of applications includes light manufacturing, commercial services, healthcare, and hospitality. You may easily design a customized solution for your organization thanks to the abundance of accessories and software configurations. The QuickScan QD2500 handheld barcode scanner is the most cost-effective and versatile equipment on the market right now when compared to other entry-level handheld barcode scanners of a similar caliber. All of this is neatly bundled in a form factor that is optimized and has a premium look and feel. In comparison to other handheld barcode scanners of a similar design now on the market, this durable and economical investment will constantly provide the best performance.

If you’re looking for a reliable and durable scanner that will look good in any business setting, the QuickScan QD2500 Series is perfect for you. The two colors black or white and number of stands, holders, and accessories, showcasing the distinctive style and family vibe, you can customize your scanner to fit your exact needs.

Contact us today to learn more about the QuickScan QD2500 Series or any of our other scanners. We’ll be happy to help you find the perfect solution for your business’ scanning needs.


Retail Grocery and non-Food Point of Sale Checkout, Loyalty cards and electronic coupons
Commercial Services Postal, Banks, Public Administration, Utilities Document handling
Healthcare Laboratories, Pharmacies Test tubes handling, checkout, companion scanner
Hospitality  Ticketing and Entertainment (sporting events, concerts, cinemas and theatres, …) Ticket/access verification
Government Lottery and gaming Document handling
Light Manufacturing  Electronic, clean environment Work-in-Progress, Order Processing, Quality control

Transportation &


Ticketing (airports, train and bus terminals) Ticket/access verification



Outstanding Omnidirectional

Reading Performance

▪ 1 Megapixel sensor

▪ Exceptional Depth of Field ▪ Decodes hard-to-read, poorly printed or damaged codes ▪ Reads bar codes from mobile devices

▪ Read bar codes through plexiglass panels

▪ Reads very fast

▪ Reads fast moving codes

▪ Reads from any angle

▪ Reads low contrast codes

▪ Reads in any lighting condition

The associates scan barcodes along their entire shift at the cash register and there can be peak hours. They would get embarrassed in front of their customers if nothing happened when they pressed the trigger or it happens too slowly, no matter if the barcode is damaged or poorly printed. Not having to align the scanner with the barcode is the plus side of omnidirectional 2D handhelds that users appreciate to speed up their activity. New frontiers of applications such as mobile couponing and recent regulations to contain pandemic have imposed the need to read from screens and through plexiglass barrier too.

QuickScan QD2500 excels in its class, thus providing:

•      Enhanced operating flexibility

•      Improved operator’ efficiency

•      Increased operator’ productivity

•      Reduced no read/misread management activities

Dual blue LED-based Extreme Precision Aiming system


The associates at the cash register get annoyed if it takes time to align the barcode to the reader; they want to clearly understand where the scanner is pointing at and be confident to read whatever the orientation.  No need to line up the imager and the barcode. The QuickScan QD2500 solves all this by being an omnidirectional scanner with the best intuitive aimer:

•      A sense of extreme precision is conveyed to provide the operator the maximum confidence to target the proper code

•      Improved operator’ efficiency

•      Increased operator’ productivity

•      Reduced accidental reads in a multiple bar code environment.

Green Spot’ Technology (patented)


Good-read feedback directly on the code is ideal under dim lighting conditions, noisy environments, regular and unusual reading positions.

Once again, a sense of extreme precision is conveyed to the operator by the Green Spot being perfectly centered on the barcode.

Soft Red Illumination with distinctive capability to adjust the



The operator can adapt the reader’ illumination brightness to solve any application lighting requirements. It is possible to tailor the reader’s behaviour to each specific working environment (e.g. dark rooms).

Overall, it lowers the fatigue on the operator’s eyes.

Motionix (patented)

▪ Seamless reading mode transitions

▪ Object detection

▪ Auto-stand mode

Increases operator productivity.

Suitable for both ‘in stand’ and ‘in hand’ operations. Ready to promptly manage any scanning requirement in any situation. The scanner adapts to the task being executed without requiring any intervention from the operator. If you move the scanner then ‘aiming’ is on to choose what barcode to read before triggering.  If instead the scanner is in a ‘static’ position on the stand it is always active.

Outstanding trigger feedback (tactile and audible) combined to a superior robustness:

•      Ergonomic and prompt tactile feedback

•      Loud and adjustable sound

•      10 million hits – equals top of the range devices on the market

The feedback, both tactile and audible, that the pull of trigger provides to the operator is key to the success of the reading activity. It contributes to the promptness of reading that gets conveyed. Additionally, expectation of end customers is not to have down times due to breakdowns of the most stressed mechanical part of a handheld device.

The benefits that QuickScan QD2500 provides are tangible:

•      Improved operator efficiency

•      Increased operator’ productivity

•      No down times due to breakage of parts

Up-to-date USB Type C connectivity Ready to be directly connected to any kind of new POS system and/or cash register (e.g. full touch tablet based).  Ready to be directly connected to any kind of new PC and/or tablet (e.g. new notebook full touch).
New generation set of recommended cables

The cable must not prevent the associates’ short-range movements, nor it must not be too rigid to struggle with it to keep the reader in their hands or in rest position on their desk.

•      Use of new generation cables is recommended to provide operators with superior comfort

•      Increased flexibility and fit in installing environments

•      Provide the highest immunity to ESD discharge, thus avoiding resets and downtime issues

The complementary new Aladdin

3.0 configurator software provides:

•      Intuitive GUI interface even for first-time users

•      Search engines

•      On-line version

•      Wizard driven interface embeds settings into a single programming code

Deployment of QuickScan QD2500 is made very easy to customers, providing the fastest out-of-the-box experience and installation:

•      Cut dramatically deployment times

•      Always perfectly up-to-dated, as web-connected users don’t need any local install of the latest software version

•      Enable customers to configure their devices with just a single scan

Cutting-edge ID design with a full range of models and accessories:

•      Two colors – black and white

•      Complete sets of stands and holders

Customers are looking for the best fit in their own working environment. The handheld scanner must be seamless and unobtrusive during operations at POS check-out and most of the times it is requested to represent a nice piece of décor at the same time. QuickScan QD2500 responds to this requirement with:

•      Outstanding ID design that highlights the quality of the product itself

•      Black and white versions to adapt to the latest trend in POS check-out environments

•      Wide choice of stands and accessories to best adapt to whatever the operator best preference and comfort is.



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