Matrix™ 320 5MP


Matrix™ 320 5MP: The Next Step Beyond Intralogistics Traceability

The Matrix 320 5MP from Datalogic is the next step beyond intralogistics traceability. This new 2D imager offers best-in-class performance for a variety of applications, including distribution, 3PL, retail logistics, and shop floors.

The following advantages are provided in order to EMPOWER TRACEABILITY applications:

  • Top performance on challenging applications
  • Extreme flexibility and modularity for the largest application coverage
  • Highest competitiveness in High-End Imager Segment
  • Ease of Installation, Configuration, and Operation for reduced Total Cost of Ownership

The Matrix 320 5MP does not disappoint, packing a 5MP sensor, hardware acceleration, and HDR capabilities into a small form factor, the Matrix 320 5MP is designed for top performance in challenging applications. With a high intrinsic Depth of Field and support for Very High Power and Ultra High-Power illuminators, the Matrix 320 5MP can handle a wide variety of applications with ease. In addition, the Matrix 320 5MP comes with C-Mount lenses and a smart illuminator for even further flexibility. Overall, the Matrix 320 5MP is an impressive barcode scanner that is sure to meet the needs of even the most demanding users.

The Matrix 320 5MP sensor is the most innovative sensor available on the market. It delivers the horizontal Field of View (FOV) and performance of a 3MP sensor, while also being built on a Multicore platform. This allows for unrivaled reading speed and makes it the perfect solution for a number of different applications. Additionally, its compact form factor makes it easy to mount almost anywhere, including in situations where handheld scanners are traditionally used. If you’re looking for an innovative and reliable sensor, the Matrix 320 5MP is the ideal option.

The Matrix 320 Series uses liquid lenses (LQD) technology, which has electronic focus adjustment for extreme reading flexibility in stationary barcode scanners, and is Plug and Play setup, which shortens installation time. Like the other Matrix readers, the Matrix 320 Series comes with a wide range of mounting brackets, rotating connectors, and wiring options to cater to all types of installation. Additionally, the Matrix 320 Series offers a 360-degree multi-color, straightforward visual status feedback that shows if the camera is in configuration mode (blue), whether a read was successful (green), and so on (red).

The Matrix 320 5MP Series is a modular barcode scanner that offers an extensive selection of lenses, illumination, filters, and accessories. You can tailor the Matrix 320 Series to your precise demands due to its modular design. Based on the type of code, the material that the code is on, and the color of the material, lighting color, and intensity can be simply chosen. However, you can buy a ready-assembled, fully functional stationary barcode scanner solution to use right out of the box if you want a straightforward plug-and-play solution. These qualities work together to create a product that is simple to manage inventory and has a lower total cost of ownership for partners, customers, and machine builders alike.

The new Matrix 320 5MP completes the existing Matrix 3202MP portfolio by offering the full complement of TRACEABILITY in Manufacturing and Intralogistics solutions for both Mid-End and High-End product sectors.

The new integrated Time of Flight and orientation sensors are present in all Matrix 320 series machines, providing the optimum user experience to increase production output.

In order to dynamically adapt the photometric parameters and ensure optimal scanning performance, an inbuilt distance sensor with Time of Flight (ToF) technology automatically determines the reading distance. The orientation sensor makes it simple to set the fixed industrial scanner in the proper place and permanently record its location. Automatic product orientation change detection promptly alerts the operator, reducing production halts. For rapid and secure maintenance in the event of replacement, saved position data can be readily recovered on the new device.

In eCommerce and intralogistics applications, the Matrix 320 Series has the distinct advantage that operators can use it as a fixed mount barcode scanner instead of conventional handheld scanners. By using a stationary industrial scanner with the Matrix 320 to read fast-moving barcodes at high rates, operators can focus on other tasks rather than maintaining the cleanliness of the scanner, meeting the growing expectations for hygiene and safety in the workplace. Simple aiming systems that project read feedback on the reading area that is simple to notice and use new grid patterns aiming to improve manual snappiness.

The Matrix 320 Series is the next step forward in industrial barcode scanning technology, offering enhanced features and greater efficiency across a range of industries. If you’re looking for a product that can provide superior line efficiencies in your business, contact us today to learn more about how the Matrix 320 Series can benefit your operation. With its advanced hygiene and contamination control features, hands-free operation, and high throughput, the Matrix 320 Series is sure to exceed your expectations.


Manual Intralogistics Manufacturing, Automotive
High intrinsic DOF high independently from focus selection provides very high flexibility in solving several demanding applications (high density code, far distance, large aperture)

Excellent reading performance will drive to higher productivity throughput for a quick Return On


X X    
Embedded TOF Distance Sensor to change predefined product configuration and optimize code reading performance based on different target distance

Excellent reading performance will drive to higher productivity throughput for a quick Return On


X X    

Embedded TOF Distance Sensor allows to improve snappiness in

manual presentation

Polarizer accessory can be added when is needed to reduce the light reflections for example when reading through plastic/cellophane or when is required an installation with no or limited skew, improving reading performance in any challenging condition X X   X

HDR normalizes image luminosity and improves reading rate hen hard skew is needed or when codes have different contrast

Allow the selection of lower Exposure

Time values for faster line speed

  X   X
High reading rate / speed / distance / DOF powered by the high performant platform and the new UHP Ultra High X X
Power 72 LEDs illuminator for high demanding applications => Higher production throughput with the new competitive Ultra High-Power illuminator that can cover applications with higher DOF and higher speed          
A powerful 5MP sensor will allow wide Field of View FOV coverage for label printed on Pallets Wide FOV coverage requires lower number of readers reducing investment costs X X    

Small footprint and minimum overall dimensions thanks to the compact CMount solution with embedded illuminators for easy and flexible

installation into every industrial environment

Reduces product integration time and cost and avoiding the need of extra mechanical infrastructure X X X X

New generation FTP image saving improves image management and storage for further analysis beyond


Improved Performance Analysis will help final customer to identify printing/marking issue to increase the overall productivity


Fast image saving will not affect reader performance keeping high productivity. The saved image can be used to provide off-line analysis to detect process issue and help in increasing the line productivity and efficiency


New 360 degree read feedback makes it very easy to see the result of the scan in the peripheral vision of an

operator and from far

Quick and easy understanding of the performance will reduce the overall system cost avoiding external accessories to provide visual feedback. X X X X


Overall, it will simplify the installation and maintenance with

reduced time and lower cost


Easy and intuitive magnified Performance Diagnostics allowing ease of use and operation

•      In attended mode

(Presentation application)

•      Unattended mode from far distance


Flexible Diagnostics for customer improved use experience


Embedded orientation sensor measures the device orientation

(Pitch and roll angles)

•      Useful during installation for product position check

•      For predictive maintenance, it can generate alarm in case of changes of the installation positioning during product life

Simplifies the installation and maintenance with reduced time

and lower cost


Continuous High-Power Mode (CHPM), new lighting power configuration that allows to eliminate the flickering effect to avoid disturbing the operator

Makes the replacement of handheld existing system a low-cost solution with quick ROI


Full solution will increase the productivity aiming to save at least 5 seconds for each scan

(Application dependent)

New grid pattern aiming system for visual feedback on the target and clear indication of the target area to X
increased ease of use and performance of the operator compared to handheld reader achieving an improvement of 35%-40% in productivity        
USB HID cable converter for easy data entry to the host system X
Product high modularity and flexibility with a wide offer of accessories It reduces feasibility time and cost helping the system integrators to find effective powerful solutions for vertical applications in any industrial environment growing the business opportunities X X X X
Top industrial grade Extended product life perfectly fit every industrial environment with lower total cost of ownership X X X

Embedded Fieldbus and state of the art of industrial connectivity as by

Industry 4.0 requirements


Ease of integration with customer ERP system through PLC X X

EBC connection box

Allows interoperability in EBC network through SC5100 controller for hybrid system with AV500/AV900 line and DS

laser scanners. Thus, complex applications and upgrades can be easily solved with reduced


Reduced investment on complex applications thanks to the possibility to create smart systems easily integrating different Datalogic product line

(Matrix, AV line, DS Laser






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