Solving traceability and DPM challenges in the electronics industry

High-Power Processing for a Demanding Industry

Datalogic’s Matrix Family of Stationary Industrial Scanners 

In the electronics industry, versatility and speed are everything. Traceability solution optimize the availability and use of production tools and minimize distribution of non-conforming products for faster output and safer, higher-quality finished products. Electronics manufacturers need versatile, high-powered solutions that address all their traceability challenges at an affordable price. 

Datalogic’s answer is the Matrix Family of stationary industrial scanners, designed for the fastest scanning and highest degree of flexibility. Discover the power of the Matrix Family today! 

Featured Applications:

  • Board assembling and testing
  • Device assembling and testing
  • Personalization and branding
  • Device packaging and warehousing
  • Labelling and DPM verification and tracking
  • Wafer marking
  • Machine set up and component reel identification
  • and more!

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