New Matrix™ 320 5MP enhances traceability

The new Matrix 320 5MP fixed mount barcode scanner features an extended lens and lightings portfolio to solve a broader range of applications, including those with a large depth of field (DoF) or field of view (FoV).

Datalogic’s latest barcode scanner in the Matrix range is Industry 4.0 ready, featuring complete embedded Industrial Connectivity (including OPC UA), which helps to reduce cost of integration. It is ideally suited to intralogistics, e-commerce, retail, manufacturing and logistics automation tasks.

New Features

Illumination has been further enhanced in the Matrix 320 5MP model, with Very High Power (VHP) illuminator, featuring 36 LEDs, or an Ultra High Power (UHP) illuminator, featuring 72 LEDs, to enhance productivity for applications with demanding speed, distance, and DoF.

The new fixed mount barcode scanner features an embedded distance sensor, with Time of Flight (ToF) technology that automatically detects reading distance to dynamically optimize scanning performance.

Simple aiming systems, with cross-projection and a new grid pattern, allow the scanner to project visible read feedback on the label for an easy-to-see visual reading area, improving manual performance.

The Matrix 320 5MP barcode scanner’s modular design – with a complete portfolio of lenses, lightings, filters, and accessories – provides top levels of flexibility and minimizes time and cost, helping system integrators to find effective, powerful solutions to grow the business opportunities for applications in any industrial environment. Quick reaction times and hands-free applications further improve operator efficiency. The scanner’s outstanding performance will increase throughput and overall productivity for the end user.

Ms Morena, Product Marketing Manager, Datalogic.


The Matrix 320 5MP fixed mount barcode scanner has been designed as a complete solution, and reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through its ease of installation, configuration, and operation.

Modular assembly C-Mount models provide the highest level of flexibility and combination of parts, to enable system integrators to service the largest variety of industrial applications.

The C-Mount modular assembly models provide a complete portfolio of accessories with a full set of interchangeable lenses (8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm), two illuminator colours (blue and white) in two power versions, and accessories with a smart modular design. Full industrial connectivity, overall compactness, rotating connectors, and a top industrial grade make Matrix 320 5MP extremely easy to fit into every industrial environment.

Ms Morena, Product Marketing Manager, Datalogic.


Datalogic’s new Matrix 320 fixed mount barcode scanner can be used in a wide variety of applications, including:

Intralogistics, logistic, e-commerce, retail and logistic automation applications such as:

  • Inbound / Outbound Pallet Picking (Forklift)
  • Print & Apply verification (Re-labelling)
  • Order Fulfillment (Automatic/Manual) and Order Verification
  • Tote verification
  • Apparel and Small Items traceability
  • Depalletizing, Palletizing, Cage Preparation
  • Pallet Traceability / Pallet Wrapping
  • Reverse Logistic

Manufacturing applications such as:

  • Automotive Work in Progress (WIP) and Traceability
  • Component / Part Traceability
  • Secondary Packaging Traceability (bundling)
  • End of Line Traceability

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